1. light-of-aether:

    Okay so this image is from the “Captain N” comics (which I know literally nothing about; I just came across this on Kraid’s page on Wikitroid)

    Now a part of me wants to show you all how we can make a nice, not sexualised suit-free Samus. With no balloon boobs and no heels.

    But also there’s a part of me that must mention that she is hitting her enemies by fucking swinging Kraid around by one foot

    Dang girl those Chozo muscles really work

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  2. too-desu-to-drive:


    saw this tip jar at my Dairy Queen today and lost it at tipiosa


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  6. diabolism666:

    I made lolita style clothes of the characters of  ”Stardust Crusaders” as a motif :3

    Mmm wanna make more style… Especially Star Platinum, Josuke, 4th Jotaro and 6th Jotaro! X3

  8. servobob:


    Geez man, calm down, I’ll buy Virtua Cop 2!

    Follow oldgamemags on Tumblr for more awesome scans from yesteryear!

    Sega appealing to the underrepresented serial killer demographic.

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  9. madgearsolid:

    Metal Gear Solid characters by Marc Lee


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