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    Thank you SSB4 and Megaman!

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    I wanted to draw some “”action”” poses last night, it’s been a while 

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    Why isn’t that pool arcade real by now? 

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    taruruuto world - Magical Taruruuto-kun: Fantastic World!!

    (TOSE/Bandai - Famicom - 1991)  

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    Canon Pixma inkjet printers? Yeah, they run Doom.

    Security researcher Michael Jordon has demonstrated a serious security flaw in this prolific series of home printers by shoving a little bit of hell inside. 

    This interface does not require user authentication allowing anyone to connect to the interface.  At first glance the functionality seems to be relatively benign, you could print out hundreds of test pages and use up all the ink and paper, so what?  The issue is with the firmware update process.  While you can trigger a firmware update you can also change the web proxy settings and the DNS server.  If you can change these then you can redirect where the printer goes to check for a new firmware.

    So what protection does Canon use to prevent a malicious person from providing a malicious firmware?  In a nutshell - nothing, there is no signing (the correct way to do it) but it does have very weak encryption. I will go into the nuts and bolts of how I broke that later in this blog post.  So we can therefore create our own custom firmware and update anyone’s printer with a Trojan image which spies on the documents being printed or is used as a gateway into their network.  For demonstration purposes I decided to get Doom running on the printer…  It was not straight forward due to it needing all the operating system dependences to be implemented in Arm without access to a debugger, or even multiplication or division. But that’s a blog for another day.

    It seems that when I was joking that Doom was the new Hello World, I was wrong. It’s clearly the new “opening calc.exe”.

    Thanks go to the BBC for reporting on this! Your tax dollars (tax pounds?), folks.

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  13. SNES & Game Boy Color #acquired

  14. NES #acquired

  15. Saturn & PS1 #acquired