1. xombiedirge:

    Resident Evil 3 by Marco D’Alfonso / Website / Tumblr

    Part of the “8-Bit & Beyond 2" art show opening August 8th, 2014, at Bottleneck Gallery / Facebook.

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  2. k-eke:

    We need more Starfox ! Falco and Wolf will join soon I hope =)

    With Fox Mccloud the fox, Wolf O’donnell the wolf and Falco the bird :p !

    No more Arwings, just dance -U-

    Sauver le monde en dansant, j’ai déjà vu cela quelque part ^^.

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  3. janetsungart:

    palm trees are mad cool

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  5. #acquired finally, file this under “miscellaneous”

  6. #acquired recent interest in WW1 made me get this

  7. #acquired Ghibli. Enough said.

  8. As a recent Gen Urobuchi fan, I had to have this #acquired

  9. Played the new Batman arcade game by the Hydro Thunder devs. It’s pretty great.

  10. Ah of course, this must be the “obscenely racist figures” shelf

  11. feitclub:



    Yeah, I think I’ve just found my favorite Jake and Finn cosplay.

    No way.

    Cosplaying as cosplayers is the future of cosplay

  14. tinycartridge:

    Seems like Game Boy graduated just the other day.. ⊟

    And now it’s 25! Oh, how time flies. :oP

    This photo comes from photographer Laura Greenfield’s book Fast Forward: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hollywood. That’s Laura in the photo, at her high school graduation!

    BUY Game Boy games, upcoming releases

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  15. uwagoto:


    From an old film I got developed this week


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